Accessibility Consumer Guide

Meteor offers a range of services and devices to meet the needs of its customers', including our older customers and people with disabilities. This section seeks to inform you about the various features and services that are available to Meteor customers. A Consumer guide designed to assist people with disabilities and older people can be found by clicking here. The Guide is the product of a the combined input of the National Disability Authority, ComReg, fixed line and mobile operators and a host of representative disability organisations.

Accessibility Statement

Access to telecommunications services has the potential to greatly enhance quality of life, in particular for our older customers and people with a disability. All members of society can enjoy the benefits available from modern telecommunications in Ireland.

We aim to make our services accessible to all our customers and pay special attention to our older and disabled customers. We also offer a wide range mobile phones with a host of accessible features.

In this section we provide details of the services and devices that assist in ensuring accessibility in the case of vision, hearing or dexterity impairments. We also provide links to other relevant sections of our web site containing further detail on our devices, services and associated pricing and terms and conditions. Should you need further information that is not available on our web site or should you need further assistance we also set out the various means by which you can contact us.

We are also working to continuously enhance the level of compliance of our web site with the standards set under the Web Accessibility Initiative, as developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), which aim to facilitate web access for disabled end-users. Meteor also maintains a close relationship with key disability representative groups.

This statement is subject to review annually and will be amended as required following each review. It was last update on 31/12/2015.

Irish Text Relay Service (ITRS)

This service allows for the translation of text into voice and voice into text to facilitate a person that is deaf or hard of hearing in making and receiving calls in the Republic of Ireland. Calls are relayed through an ITRS agent who performs the translation. The service is accessible from mobile phones, tables and PCs, enabling conversations through text and if required, through voice. Traditional text relay continues to be supported through text only when using a Minicom device.

For more information on ITRS, how to get it and how to use it, click on the following link:

Contacting Meteor

Meteor is continually increasing the range of services and support that are provided on-line, therefore many of your product or service requirements are likely to be addressed through . Should you need further assistance, you can chat to our care tem over web chat, by phone, fax or email. For further details and for a list of our retail stores click here.

Topping up you Pay as You Go Service

Meteor provides a number of options for topping up your Pay as You Go account. For customers using a debit or credit card, you can top-up by calling 1740 and having registered your card, you will then have the additional option of using the Top-up Direct service which allows you to top-up independently by SMS or on-line. You can also schedule a recurring top-up by calling 1740. For customers using cash, you can purchase a top-up voucher and apply the voucher to your account by calling 1740 or by Freetexting your Voucher code to the short code 50103. For full details click here.


The growth in the range of facilities that are available on-line has enhanced accessibility for many disabled users. Meteor has invested in its on-line billing capabilities with a view to improving accessibility for all customers while reducing the unnecessary financial and environmental cost that arises from the production of paper bills. For more detail on going paperless click here. Our on-line bills are screen reader compatible and can be magnified on-screen or for printing. Meteor continues to provide paper bills to customers that need them and if required, can provide various paper formats including braille, to customers that cannot access alternative formats.

Directory Enquiries

Phone listings are available free of charge at If you are unable to use the online or printed phonebook due to a sensory or physical disability or medical condition, Meteor can provide you with free access to eircom 196 directory enquires. To access the registration form click here.

The service operates as follows:

First dial 196. The agent will then ask you, in sequence, for your PIN number, your name, and the name and address of the person/company whose number you require.

Customers should have a means of recording the numbers close to hand.

If for any reason you are unable to make the call yourself, you can have somebody else do so on your behalf.

Phone Testing & Returns

Meteor seeks to ensure that the devices that it sells satisfy international standards for compatibility with hearing aids. Furthermore our retail representatives are tasked with ensuring that customers are sold devices that best suit their requirements. Should you discover that the device that you have purchased is not compatible with your hearing aid/cochlear implant, a refund or replacement can be offered, provided that this is sought within 14 days of the purchase.

Code of Practice for handling complaints

Meteor operates a Code of Practice that is designed to foster open and fair dealings with respect to the handling of complaints. The Code outlines a minimum set of standards that apply to the handling of complaints by Meteor. For more information click here.

Choosing the Price Plan, Communications Medium and Billing that Best Suits You

Meteor offers a range of price plans to suit a variety of needs, whether your priority is Voice, Data or SMS. You can get full details of the plans on offer on-line (click here for Pay as You Go and here for Billpay), by contacting our Care team or calling into a Meteor store (see "Contacting Meteor" above for full contact details).
You can choose your preferred billing format and how Meteor may contact you in respect of our latest offers when you apply for service, on-line or by contacting our care team. Options include no contact or contact by phone, SMS, email or by post.

Mobile Devices

With an ever increasing range of smart phones along with standard keypad phones we aim to meet a wide variety of requirements ranging from vision to hearing and dexterity support.

Vision Supports

Keypad: features including large buttons, a raised dot on the number 5 key, back-lit keys or sound or touch feedback.

Variable font size and screen backlighting

Speech based commands allowing hands free dialing and control of key phone features.

Caller announcement, so you know who's calling without having to look at the screen.

Text to speech software can be installed on some phones.

Hearing Supports

Visual alerts and vibrate options to alert users to incoming calls and messages.

Volume control both on the handset and remotely using connected devices.

Wired and wireless in-ear headset.

To support text communications, predictive text and various input methods including QWERTY keyboards.

Inductive neck loops, to allow wireless hearing aid connectivity.

Dexterity Supports

Large buttons to aid accuracy in entering numbers and text.

Speech based commands allowing hands free dialing and control of key phone features.

Predictive text with swipe entry mode to simplify text entry.

Wireless headset connectivity and loudspeaker functions allowing use of the phone without having to hold it.

Find Phones to Match your Requirements

The Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative (GARI) provides a central source of information on mobile phones and apps, setting out the features that are available on a wide selection of devices and apps. This provides a useful guide in selecting the phone that best suits your needs.

For guidance on Phones & Tablets go to

Find guidance on Mobile Apps

For information on our mobile bundles, devices and SIM only mobile plans click here

Terms and Conditions

The pricing information provided in respect of each of our price plans references the terms and conditions that apply. Furthermore our general terms and conditions along with specific conditions associated with price plans and offers can be viewed at