International Rates

International Calls from Ireland

Call your friends and family abroad on their mobile or landline any day, any time for as little as 10c per minute with Meteor – now that's great value.

UK calls for 10c per minute

  • Now at Meteor we have the cheapest network international call rates to the UK.
  • You can call your friends and family on their mobile or landline for just 10c per minute.

USA and 45 other countries for 15c per minute

  • We also have incredibly cheap international call rates to over 45 other countries
    including USA, Australia and Canada for just 15c per minute to a mobile or landline.

How do I get these great rates?

To avail of these great rates, simply text
‘international’ to 50104.

You only have to sign up once and these great call rates will be automatically applied to your account. Don't worry, by opting in to these great international call rates you will still continue to avail of the network offer you are currently on.

*Please note these rates are promotional and apply until September 30th 2017.

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