Automatic Data Connections

Customers acknowledge that the installation of automatic data connections on their Equipment, which may seek websites or download e-mail automatically, may give rise to significant data roaming charges and that it is their responsibility to manage the proper configuration of same prior to roaming.

Any use of automatic connections while roaming shall be treated as being with the consent of the Customer and billed accordingly. Metor accepts no responsibility for the frequency in which these applications access data services and the Customer will be wholly responsible for the same and the Charges incurred.

For further information as to disconnecting automatic data connections, see below.

Disconnecting Automatic Data Connections

If you have installed any application on your handset (or if you already have pre-loaded data applications) please ensure prior to roaming that any automatic download facility is turned off, refer to the application settings directly as instructions to disable connections may vary from application to application.

For email applications please be aware of any automatic retrieval that may be configured, this could cause unexpected data usage to be incurred. Please refer to your handset manual for more detailed instruction.

For more see: How Do I Turn Off Data On My Phone?