Mobile Broadband Roaming

These terms apply to your use of data services when Roaming with Meteor’s roaming partners, in addition to and without prejudice of existing terms and conditions relating to your service, and which terms customers are deemed to have notice of and have accepted by continuing to use such data services.

Meteor will provide you with an automated notification of applicable data charges in each roaming territory within the EU you visit, together with a warning as to when you reach 48 euro (inc. VAT) of data usage whilst Roaming. These messages may be opted-out of by following the direction provided with same. Once you opt-out of receiving same, Meteor shall not send same for any future roaming usage, unless you opt back in to receiving such messages. Please allow up to one (1) business day for any alterations opting-in or out of receiving these messages to be effected.

Meteor shall also provide you with a notification when your usage reaches 60 euros (inc. VAT). This notification will also act as a bar from any future data usage whilst Roaming, unless you confirm you wish to continue to use the data roaming services. If you select this confirmation you will continue to be billed for your data roaming at normal rates, with no further notification or warning.

These messages, notifications and limits shall apply individually to each time you are Roaming on another operators’ network. Accordingly, upon any return to usage on the Meteor network, all limits shall be reset. This may result in a total data roaming usage charge / bill in excess of 60 euros without having received all such notification messages, should you Roam on multiple occasions.

You acknowledge that Meteor shall not be liable or responsible in any way, where a data session / download, whilst you are Roaming, is interrupted or ceased by the application of this notification and requirement for consent.

This restriction and notification is specific to charges incurred on data roaming and does not apply to, nor affect, any other charges incurred (or services availed of) whilst Roaming, or data charges / usage incurred when on your home network.

Meteor reserves the right to alter or vary the terms of this service and/or notifications at any stage and will endeavour to notify you of any material alteration to such provisions.