More Than You Can Eat Data Offer

  1. The following terms and conditions form part of and are subject to the terms
    and conditions of the Meteor Social Bundle Offer, ("the Social Bundle
    Offer") . These terms are in addition to and form part of the terms and
    conditions of the Meteor Mobile Service , and also Meteor general terms
    and conditions, to which you have also agreed, and Meteor’s Fair Usage
    Policy ('FUP') all of which are available at All of
    these terms combined constitute a legally binding agreement between Meteor
    ('we/us', '') and the Customer ('you/the Customer') for the use of the Social
    Bundle Offer. All capitalised terms herein (unless otherwise defined) shall
    have whatever meaning is ascribed to them in Meteor General Terms and
  2. Please see below for the current full list of the eligible tariff plans which the
    Social Bundles are available, (“the Eligible Plans”).Meteor reserves the right
    to add or subtract from this list of tariff plans;
    Meteor Post pay offers:-
    SIM Only Regular Extra 4g
    SIM Only Super Extra 4g
    SIM Only Super Deluxe Extra 4g
    Smartphone Regular Extra 4g
    Smartphone Super Extra 4g
    Smartphone Super Deluxe Extra 4g
    Meteor Pre Pay Offers
    Simplicity Any Network Minutes and 15GB Data
    Simplicity Any Network minutes, texts and 15GB Data
  3. Use of detectable data on the list of sites below, (“the Eligible Sites”) will
    not count against users’ data allowance in respect of the applicable Eligible
    Plans. Some data content, e.g. data content consumed while accessing
    Google, may be excluded from and some additional incidental data content
    may be included in, the Social Bundle Offer.
  4. Extremely high data usage may result in slower speeds. Fair usage policy
  5. See below for list of Eligible Web sites
    Pokemon Go
    YouTube - available until 30th
    June 2017
    Viber Messaging
    WhatsApp Messaging
  6. If customer ceases connection or moves to an ineligible tariff plan, the Social
    Bundle Offer will be removed from the customer's account.
  7. The Social Bundle Offer will be valid from date of moving to Eligible Plans
    until Meteor notifies you that it has been terminated in accordance with the general terms and conditions.
  8. The Social Offer for prepay plans will be valid from date of signing up to an
    Eligible Plan and only for as long as such Eligible Plans are actively being
    sold by eir
  9. Social Bundle Offer apply for the period from November 2016 until
    terminated by Meteor at its sole discretion. The Social Bundle Offers are
    restricted to personal use only. Meteor reserves the right to withdraw or
    terminate this service without notice should Meteor reasonably believe, at its
    sole discretion, that the service is being used for commercial purposes. Meteor
    shall not be liable for any loss or damage, direct or indirect, howsoever arising
    from the withdrawal, termination, and amendment of the Social Bundle Offer.
  10. You will only be entitled to receive a Social Bundle Offer if you have an
    existing Eligible Plan which has not been terminated or suspended.
  11. Meteor continuously monitors network performance to ensure that the
    service received by customers is not impacted through a minority of users
    placing high demand on network resources. Should your Social Bundle data
    usage exceed 60GB in a 30 day period and your usage affect other network
    users, we reserve the right to limit your use of the Social Bundle Offer and the
    eir Mobile Service.
  12. Websites included in Social Bundles might use external links to sites which
    are not specially listed in Social Bundle (e.g. to Google Analytics). The Social
    Bundle Offer will not operate in respect of these sites and accessing these sites
    will eat into your data allowance.
  13. Voice calls and video calls are excluded from the scope of the Social
    Bundle Offer
  14. Social Bundle Offers cannot be used whilst roaming outside of the Republic
    of Ireland.
  15. Meteor reserves the right to vary or amend these terms and conditions of the
    Service in whole or part at any time, where in its opinion there is a valid
    commercial, technical or operational reason. Meteor will endeavour to give you
    reasonable prior notice of any changes to the Service, or its terms and
    conditions, however please continually check our website for updates to these
    terms and conditions, as your continued use of this Service will be taken as
    acceptance of any future changes.
  16. The Pokémon Go logo is the exclusive property of Nintento inc. etc
    [insert this information in respect each of the logos listed above, you should have obtained the names
    of the owners when you were getting their consent]